Past Winners: Health

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Health Comes First

Our health is our most valuable asset. When we have a healthy mind and body, we can easily do our daily chores, spend quality time with loved ones, focus on achieving a higher purpose in life, develop fulfilling hobbies, and travel to places we want to visit. Health brings us so much joy in life, but for many people, maintaining good health isn't as easy.

People who suffer from long term physical or mental diseases can experience not only the physical or mental torment and daily inconvenience, but also large medical bills, a compromised quality of life and escalating health conditions. To alleviate their burdens, each month Charitocracy and our amazing donors hand select charities that support health-related causes including physical or mental disabilities, cerebral palsy, cancer, cyclic fibrosis, epilepsy, suicide prevention, mental health therapy services, healthcare, and medical research into treatments and cures. By the end of the month, through voting we select one charity out of all the nominated charities from all 12 categories to which we donate our monthly pooled donations. Chances are, your favorite charities will win Charitocracy's monthly grant!

Take a look at the list below of health charities that have won our monthly pot in the past. Then check out the current health charity nominees (or all nominees) for this month's voting. Are we missing one you'd like to win? Join us and nominate your favorite health charity to add to our voting list!

    • Winning Cause
    • $ Won
    • Month
    • Outer Banks Relief Foundation logo
      Outer Banks Relief Foundation
      They ease financial burdens when tragedy strikes, and have provided over $2.4 million to 1,200 families in need.
      Benj nominated & got 29 votes.
    • $700
    • Feb '23
    • Community Care Clinic of Dare logo
      Community Care Clinic of Dare
      They provide basic healthcare, medication assistance, and wellness education for uninsured persons in Dare County.
      lleiser nominated & got 34 votes.
    • $542
    • Dec '22
    • Interfaith Community Outreach logo
      Interfaith Community Outreach
      They are "Bridging the Gap," providing assistance to individuals facing a temporary emergency crisis.
      jjalbanese1 nominated & got 17+ votes.
    • $500
    • Jun '22
    • Surfing For Autism logo
      Surfing for Autism
      They offer those impacted by Autism Spectrum Disorder opportunities to experience the therapeutic benefits of surfing.
      obxlisa nominated & got 26+ votes.
    • $500
    • Jul '21
    • Outer Banks Hotline logo
      Outer Banks Hotline
      They provide crisis intervention, safe house, information and referrals, advocacy and prevention education services.
      John Towler nominated & got 14+ votes.
    • $500
    • Nov '20
    • Total Distributed to Health Category
    • $3,692