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    This is the official discussion thread for the cause Feline Hope. Its EIN is 56-2082507 and it's a public charity based in Kitty Hawk, NC. Research more info about the cause on GuideStar and Charity Navigator.

    Feline Hope logo
    They provide low cost spay & neuter clinics and medical assistance to Dare County residents to enable owners to keep their pets.

    Feline Hope is near and dear to my heart.  I have spent the summer volunteering weekly with them.  This group on the Outer Banks works tirelessly trying to rescue Kittens and Cats, help injured kittens and cats and they have a large operation of Trap/Neuter/Release for the Feral Cats on the Island.

    The volunteers are filled with a lot of love, loose a lot of sleep taking care of newborn kittens, sick cats and even calming cats at the shelter during the past tropical storm.  It’s a bit of a thankless job but worth it!    I just adore scooping poop every week, but I do it because they deserve love and attention too.

    I also fostered kittens with them over the summer and they provided all the food, bedding, litter supplies and paid for the check-ups for the kittens. Ok off my soapbox!

    Also read Charitocracy's blog post about Feline Hope!
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    So excited people are voting for Feline Hope.  Thank you 🙂 .

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    I nominated Feline Hope because 2 years ago I adopted Neko from them.  He was a feral, kitten at risk for losing his eye.    He is now a very healthy, moody, perfect cat that I adore.

    Because of him, I volunteered to help clean the shelter once a week, due to my schedule I just had my last shift a week ago, but plan to be back when life slows down.

    Over the summer we fostered 3 kittens and ended up keeping one.  We are happy to say all 3 were successfully adopted.  This past summer there was a high number of kittens in foster care and being placed for adoption.  Feline Hope never says no.

    These volunteers work tirelessly finding homes, rescuing injured kittens and cats, trapping, neutering and releasing.  They work throughout this community helping find lost cats, bottle feeding newborns, helping find homes for owners that can no longer keep there cats.

    Since 1997 they have taken in over 3,692 cats and kittens and adopted out 3,515 cats and 1,126 kittens.  They have TNR and spay/neuter 3,121 cats.  These figures are since 2013.

    This group has a lot of heart, a lot of sweat and tears and also some of the kindest people I have met.   Yes, we can be passionate about the animals but is tough when the animals don’t have a voice and we have to speak for them.  You have to be kind of tough to take on the smell of cleaning 18-20 litter boxes twice a day, but giving love to these cats looking for homes is more than worth it.


    Thank you you for your support.  Once I figure out to load photos I will ?

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    Neko as a Kitten

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    These kittens were brought to us when they were about 3 weeks ago.  A little girl had named them, so we agreed to keep the name.  We thought that this would help us not get attached.  Well, it was hard to say goodbye, but one did stay behind.

    This was my favorite, He has found a perfect home

    This is the one our friends adopted



    This is the one we adopted

    Lil Piggy became Winter – but he still lives up to his name.  He is a big time eater!
    His new name is Winter


    Also while we were fostering, we took in a kitty overnight that a friend brought us that was dumped on the Wright Memorial Bridge.  They thought he had been thrown out a window, his two front paws were raw, and his ear was all beat up.  Feline Hope took him in, took care of his medical care, they found him a home but did not release him until he was all better.  Feline Hope told me this is quite common for people to do, they just toss the kittens out the window and hope they land in the water instead of on the bridge.  They named him Bridge.


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    Of course I voted for Feline hope for 3 reasons.

    winter, neko and Lisa

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    Feline Hope has been getting questions about how our vets at our mobile low cost spay/neuter clinics can afford to do them for $35.00, including the vaccines, deworm, and flea treatment. So I thought that I would take this opportunity and explain how it works. Each person pays $35.00 for their kitty, male or female. The clinic vets, just like most all of our local vets, charge Feline Hope discounted prices for the spay/neuter vaccines of about $84.00 for a spay and $64.00 for a neuter. So Feline Hope pays the difference of $50.00 for each female and $30.00 for each male. We do this to help the folks in our community financially and to encourage spaying and neutering to help the problem of pet overpopulation.

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    Feline Hope has been asked to do another major TNR Project in Point Harbor. We thought that we had someone who lives by there to do it but they haven’t picked up the trap and are not responding after 3 weeks. So we are so short on resources, Melanie is doing the big project in Grandy at the Shell Station, Kim is doing the Grandy Food Lion project, Lynn and I have 4 projects in Kill Devil that is all we have. Can you help!

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    Feline Hope is hard at work again!


    Feline Hope is gearing up to start another major TNR Project in Currituck. We already have Projects at Grandy Shell, Grandy Food Lion, and behind Midgette Auto in Point Harbor. A very kind lady moved into a house in Jarvisburg where there are about 20 cats & teenage kittens. She can handle feeding them but not spaying & neutering them all and 5 of the teenagers are sick. <3 Thank you, Vicky for reaching out to us for help and once again, thank you to Eastern Shore Animal Hospital for working with us on these big projects!

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    You’ve been working so hard for this cause! Since mine didn’t make it into the top 10 this time, I’m going to help you out. Hopefully you’ll have the boost you need to spread a little kitty love for Christmas!


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      You’ve been working so hard for this cause! Since mine didn’t make it into the top 10 this time, I’m going to help you out. Hopefully you’ll have the boost you need to spread a little kitty love for Christmas!

      Thank you :)!  I could use a boost…hot second every month 🙂

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    Lisa, obxlisa, Feline Hope would like to thank you so much for nominating us and working so hard with your updates! You have fostereed, adopted, done weekly clean ups and been a very valuable volunteer! We and the kitties appreciate it so much! <3


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    Thank you Lita <3!  Hoping January is our Month!

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    Great info on why TNR cats are ear tipped

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    Interested in a kitten?  Here is a link to all of Feline Hopes current Kitten’s available .


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    Friends and Family – I am asking for a little bit of help with my charity so my Charity will take home the win tonight. Feline Hope is my nominated Charity and we keep coming in second since October.
    I have volunteered with Feline Home, Adopted Kittens from Feline Hope and even Fostered Kittens from Feline Hope.
    I know this is not a charity that pulls at the heartstrings of people unless you are a huge cat fan like me, but they do a great deal of work for our community here in the Outer Banks by helping all of our feral cats, rescuing and caring for all the cats in the community all the way to the Virginia line and so much more!!
    I was hoping we can push them to the top to win tonight and then we can go on to lots of other amazing charities that one of you can nominate.
    If you don’t know what this is – go read about it! Charitocracy is so amazing! My friends started this amazing non-profit where we as a group nominate and vote what deserving charity gets our vote each month. You can donate for as low as $13 a year and your vote counts all year.
    Please let me know if you have any questions and please take a moment to sign up and vote today. My kittens will thank you, I will thank you, Feline Hope will thank you and most of all Charitocracy will thank you so they can stop talking about me at board meetings 🙂
    Much Love,

    PS – Your Vote for Feline Hope has to go in tonight by 11:59 tonight for them to win — know a kitty lover in your life, feel free to share this with them!
    Thank you!!!!!

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    Congrats on championing so strongly for your charity! Happy to help this month.

    Now how do I get all your peeps to help get Women’s Heart the vote in Feb! 😉

    Please consider this in your new vote in memory of my cousin.

    Thanks and congrats!

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    Benj here, bumping up visibility of eligible nominees relocated to the OBX site from the USA site.  👋