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Corolla Wild Horse Fund

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    This is the official discussion thread for the cause Corolla Wild Horse Fund. Its EIN is 31-1810713 and it's a public charity based in Corolla, NC. Research more info about the cause on GuideStar and Charity Navigator.

    Corolla Wild Horse Fund logo
    We protect the herd of wild Mustangs in northernmost Currituck, and help preserve this land as their permanent sanctuary.

    The mission of the Corolla Wild Horse Fund is to protect, preserve, and responsibly manage the herd of wild Colonial Spanish Mustangs roaming freely on the northernmost Currituck Outer Banks, and to promote the continued preservation of this land as a permanent sanctuary for horses defined as a cultural treasure as designated as the state horse by the state of North Carolina.

    Each year the Corolla Wild Horse Fund hosts over 100,000 visitors at its Wild Horse Museum. Visitors learn about the history of the wild horses, how the herd is managed, and the challenges faced as they further their mission to keep them wild and free. The museum and museum gift shop is open year round.

    In addition, the Fund operates a Sanctuary Observation/Patrol program. Staff patrol the beach and behind dunes daily with a dual purpose. Not only do they gather data in detail about the sightings of the horses but they also educate the 50,000 to 60,000 visitors that arrive each week during the high season about proper behavior while in that area of the horses and about the Wild Horse Ordinance that protects the horses.

    Managing wild horses on 7,544 acres of diverse habitat that includes roughly 700 houses, thousands of people, and hundreds of vehicles presents many complex challenges. Responsible wild horse management requires 100% dedication. As the guardians of the wild herd, they respond 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

    Herd Management includes breed conservation, contraceptive darting, soil and plant studies, DNA testing, emergency response, necropsy, fence and cattle guard maintenance, habitat preservation, and advocacy.

    Severely injured or habituated horses are removed from the wild as a last resort. Fractured bones, deep wounds, and severe colic are some of the reasons for rescue intervention.

    The Fund was given the opportunity to purchase the Betsy Dowdy Equine Center, a 31-acre facility in Grandy where rescued mustangs have been residing since 2014. Rescue and conservation are key components of their mission and they have recognized the need for a permanent “off-island” sanctuary.

    Every horse that requires removal from the wild has a stable, permanent home on the farm. It is a peaceful, quiet place where injured, ill, or otherwise suffering rescued horses can decompress, heal, and be slowly domesticated. They will receive the specialized veterinary care that they need as they adapt and adjust to human contact and a new diet. After that, they may enter into the Fund’s adoption program or they may live at the farm forever if they require special care.

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